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  • There are no limits to where you can travel.
  • From point A to B we will get you there.
  • Non-stop service to anywhere in continental North America.


  • You can have a tailor made itinerary suiting your flight times, dates and destinations.
  • Your group can travel together simplifying ground transportation needs.
  • Onboard privacy provides for inflight conversations and business transactions.
  • Customizable security options are possible.
  • Canada Border Services is available for small groups at FBOs upon arrival back in to Canada.

Meal Options

  • From white glove service to athletic portions, we have it all!
  • Non-alcoholic beverages and small snacks are included.
  • A customizable bar is available.
  • Special requests are easily fulfilled.

Private FBO

  • Parking is available (subject to availability).
  • Airside access is available for coaches, limos or private vehicles.
  • We have private boarding lounges.
  • Boarding and deplaning is expedited.


  • Full cargo or blended passenger seating and cargo variations available.
  • Customizable cargo handling pre and post shipment.
  • Interline and intermodal options available.


Whether you are travelling or shipping, Canadian North has you covered with our versatile and efficient fleet.

We operate Boeing 737-300 aircraft which seat up to 136 passengers or the Combi version of the 200 or 300 series which can be quickly reconfigured to accommodate various combinations of passengers and cargo. The nimble Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft can seat up to 37 passengers.

  • Boeing 737-300

    With wings bearing three times the square footage of most homes and a climbing speed faster than elevators in most skyscrapers, the 737 is a reliable and powerful tool for moving people and goods around the country and beyond.

    Boeing 737-300
    • Number in Fleet: Nine
    • Length: 32.49 meters (106 feet 7 inches)
    • Wingspan: 31.09 meters (102 feet)
    • Tail Height: 11.38 meters (37 feet)
    • Cruising Speed: Airspeed - 780 km/hr (485 mi/hr)
    • Maximum Altitude: 11,385 meters (37,352 feet)
    • Seating Capacity: 136 seats
    • Maximum Payload: 14,240 kg (31,394 lbs)
    • Average Range: 4,445-4,815 km (2,400-2,600 nautical mi)
    • Gravel Airstrips: No
  • Boeing 737-300 Combi

    This efficient aircraft is versatile and can convert into various configurations to suit passenger and cargo needs. The convenient fuselage door opens wide to carry larger items that would not normally fit onboard.

    Boeing 737-300 Combi
    • Number in Fleet: One
    • Length: 32.49 meters (106 feet 7 inches)
    • Wingspan: 31.09 meters (102 feet)
    • Tail Height: 11.38 meters (37 feet)
    • Cruising Speed: Airspeed - 780 km/hr (485 mi/hr)
    • Maximum Altitude: 11,385 meters (37,352 feet)
    • Seating Capacity: 136 seats
    • Maximum Payload: 14,240 kg (31,394 lbs)
    • Average Range: 4,445-4,815 km (2,400-2,600 nautical mi)
    • Gravel Airstrips: No
    • 120 seats / 0 pallets of cargo
    • 80 seats / 3 pallets of cargo
    • Pallet Size: 125 in x 88 in
    Boeing 737-300 Combi - Door Open
  • Boeing 737-200 Combi

    Versatile and adaptable, the 737-200 can be configured in a variety of combinations and can land on gravel runways where other similarly-sized jets can't.

    Boeing 737-200 Combi
    • Number in Fleet: Four
    • Length: 29.82 meters (106 feet 7 inches)
    • Wingspan: 28.62 meters (93 feet)
    • Tail Height: 11.38 meters (37 feet)
    • Cruising Speed: Airspeed - 780 km/h (485 mi/hr)
    • Maximum Altitude: 11,385 m (37,352 ft)
    • Seating Capacity: 112 seats, with additional passenger/cargo configurations available
    • Pallet Size: 108 in x 88 in AAA or AAE
    • Bulk Load: Yes
    • Main Cargo Door Size: 134 in x 84 in
    • Maximum Payload: 13,600 kg (29,983 lbs)
    • Average Range: 4,074 km (2,200 nautical mi)
    • Gravel Airstrips: Yes
    • Ice Strips: Yes
    • 112 seats / 0 pallets of cargo
    • 76 seats / 2 pallets of cargo
    • 60 seats / 3 pallets of cargo
    • 34 seats / 4 pallets of cargo
    • 24 seats / 5 pallets of cargo
    • 6 seats / 6 pallets of cargo
    Boeing 737-200 Combi - Door Open
  • Bombardier Dash 8

    Lean, agile, dependable, and perfect for moving both people and cargo to even the most remote locations, the Dash 8 is a good analogy for Canadian North! With its climate-controlled cabin, and large cargo capacity, the Dash 8 is equipped to meet the unique demands of businesses, passengers, and landscapes.

    Dash 8
    • Number in Fleet: Three
    • Length: 22.23 meters (72 feet 11 inches)
    • Wingspan: 25.89 meters (85 feet)
    • Tail Height: 7.49 meters (24 feett, 7 in)
    • Cruising Speed: Airspeed - 466 km/hr (290 mi/hr)
    • Maximum Altitude: 7,620 m (25,000 ft)
    • Seating Capacity: 37 seats
    • Bulk Load: Yes
    • Maximum Payload: 3,727 kg (8,217 lbs)
    • Average Range: 1,480 km (799 nautical mi)
    • Gravel Airstrips: Yes
    • 0 seats / 5,082 kg cargo (11,203 lbs)
    • 21 seats / 2,641 kg cargo (5,823 lbs)
    • 29 seats / 1,802 kg cargo (3,973 lbs)
    • 37 seats / 840 kg cargo (1,853 lbs)


  • “I wanted to formally commend Canadian North on the constant professionalism and courteous staff you have. Please thank each and every one of your team members for being effective and a real pleasure to deal with.”

    Multi-national Energy Company

  • “On behalf of our organization, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for your invaluable contribution and collaboration during the wildfire crisis situation.

    It is certainly heartening and reassuring to know that when it absolutely matters the most, employees, community, industry, business partners and suppliers will band together and collaborate for the benefit and well-being of everyone.”

    Multi-national Energy Company

  • “What truly sets Canadian North apart from other airlines is their staff both on ground and in flight.  Together they created pleasurable and memorable flights for our guests, through courteous and friendly service, proving to be the perfect alignment with the Celebrity Cruises Modern Luxury experience we so pride ourselves in.

    Canadian North received very positive reviews from passengers aboard Celebrity’s Winter 2014 All Included cruise vacations, with eighty-seven percent of customers surveyed highly rating the service aboard their flights.”

    Celebrity Cruises

  • “Celebrating our 40th year in business, Carlson Wagonlit Stewart Travel in Peterborough chartered a 136-passenger Canadian North plane as part of a special anniversary package for a New York City weekend getaway Oct. 2 to 5, 2014.  This was the first 737 flight to take off from Peterborough Airport. In fact, the package was such a success that a second plane was added!

    Passengers enjoyed short wait times prior to departure, free parking and the convenience of clearing customs at Peterborough Airport.  More importantly, they didn’t have to make the long commute to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, having the luxury of leaving from their own backyard.”

    Carlson Wagonlit Travel


Our charter specialists will work with your passenger and cargo requirements, timeframe and budget to develop a customized air transportation package that meets your unique needs.

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